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Our Fundraising Programs

Since 2011, Project Harvest Hope has been working in partnership with the Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation (, an NGO based in Transylvania, to create opportunities for Unitarian villages in the Homorod Valley and beyond.

PHH established a donor-advised fund–the Unitarian Community Fund–to provide financial support for community development projects proposed by organizations in the region. Through a process overseen by PHH and administered locally by SzKA, nearly 45 small grants, averaging between $2,000 and $5,000, have been awarded over the past three years.

Ranging from the renovation of Community Houses, to the training of volunteer rescue squads, to the preservation of traditional arts, music and crafts, projects funded in part by the Unitarian Community Fund have brought villagers together in cooperative, volunteer efforts that have benefited many in our Unitarian homelands.

Visit our Success Stories page to see what has been accomplished during the three years of the Unitarian Community Fund program (2011-2013).

Unitarian Kaláka

In 2015, Project Harvest Hope launched a new fundraising model in partnership with SzKA. Unitarian Kaláka is a crowdfunding website that enables donors in North America to engage more directly in the process of raising matching funds for projects in the Unitarian villages of Transylvania. Kaláka (“working together”) is a village tradition of achieving community goals through volunteer cooperation. We invite you to join our Kaláka and connect, care and share with Unitarians in Transylvania.

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