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PHH launches the Unitarian Kaláka initiative  FEBRUARY 2015

Through a new initiative launched in February 2015, Project Harvest Hope is using the power of crowdfunding to support projects in the Unitarian villages and towns of Transylvania.

A new website, UnitarianKalá, enables donors in North America to engage more directly in the process of raising matching funds for projects in the Unitarian villages of Transylvania. Kaláka (“working together”) is a village tradition of achieving community goals through volunteer cooperation.

PHH continues to work with their partner NGO, SzKA (Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation), to provide local administration and evaluation of projects proposed in Transylvania.

Projects range from the renovation of community houses to programs to reintroduce local crafts and traditions. To learn about projects currently proposed for funding, visit or visit Unitarian Kaláka on Facebook.

We hope you will join us in this new initiative. Please “connect, care and share” at Thank you!

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Project Harvest Hope occationally publishes newsletters to help our friends and supporters stay up to date with our activities and projects in Transylvania.
These newsletters are available here in PDF format.

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