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Project Photo Gallery

  1. Bozod

    Volunteers used grant money to repair the roof, floors and walls of this
    historic building and replace furniture damaged by recent floods.
  2. Bozod

    Renovations have helped restore the well-used congregation house.
  3. Bozod

    Volunteers replaced windows in the congregation house and restored the walls.
  4. Bozod

    In the summer, the congregation house hosts a camp for more than 40 youth.
  5. Benced

    The project added 1 laptop to be used for associated projects,
    volunteers working on the paper, and community events.
  6. Benced

    With a new printer and upgraded hardware, Benced has improved the quality of
    its local newspaper and even launched an online version.
  7. Firtosmartonos

    The ancient congregation hall needed extensive renovations. With grant funding and volunteer effort,
    the building now has a new drainage system, insulation and other improvements.
  8. Firtosmartonos

    The replacement of doors and windows will make the room useable throughout
    the year and a safer place to house books and computers for the community.
  9. Firtosmartonos

    Volunteers install ceiling tiles.
  10. Firtosvaralja

    With their grant and community-raised matching funds, this village has replaced a van that provides transportation services for the elderly and those with disabilities who need medical services.
  11. Firtosvaralja

    The driver of the van is a volunteer and the local government covers the costs of petrol and upkeep.
  12. Firtosvaralja

    Volunteers helped raise 60% of the costs of the new van.
  13. Gyepes

    Villager volunteers used their grant and matching funds to create
    a landscaped public meeting space, with a pavilion and playground.
  14. Gyepes

    Volunteers finish tiling the roof on the community meeting space.
  15. Gyepes

    Ready for Gyepes Village Days.
  16. Gyepes

    Kids enjoy the newly constructed playground.
  17. Kalnok

    With the grant, volunteers helped to build an addition to the congregation house,
    bringing the kitchen and bathroom indoors.
  18. Kalnok

    Taking a break from building the foundation walls for a photo op.
  19. Kalnok

    The new addition will make the space more comfortable and make meal preparation easier.
  20. Kalnok

    The congregation house's completed addition.
  21. Korispatak

    Grant monies helped this village renovate two rooms in the congregation house and
    provide needed meeting space for a Sunday School and a computer center.
  22. Jobbagyfalva

    The grant helped complete work on the community house by bringing in electricity,
    drainage, heating and furnishing as well as steps to the front door.
  23. Jobbagyfalva

    Work begins on the entrance way.
  24. Jobbagyfalva

    Preparing the cement foundation for steps.
  25. Jobbagyfalva

    The completed entrance way.
  26. Palpataka

    This project helped renovate a space in a village orphanage where youth are
    being taught carpentry, bike mechanics and other basic skills.
  27. Palpataka

    Group home youth learn basic carpentry skills.
  28. Palpataka

    Lighting and heating were added to make the space usable during winter.
  29. Palpataka

    Girls practicing their knitting skills.
  30. Simenfalva

    With volunteer labor and grant funding, Simenfalva was able to complete
    the construction of a congregation house, begun in 2008.
  31. Simenfalva

    Renovating the congregation house interior.
  32. Simenfalva

    New steps were needed for congregation house.
  33. Simenfalva

    Another view of the congregation house.
  34. Szind

    With the grant, and the volunteer efforts of ODFIE (David Ferenc Youth Association), the parsonage
    in Szind has been remodeled as a guesthouse and coffee shop that will serve tourists.
  35. Szind

    New stove for the remodeled kitchen.
  36. Szind

    Restoring the grounds.
  37. Szind

    Youth volunteers in front of remodeled guesthouse.
  38. Varosfalva

    These benches are part of a restored schoolyard that volunteers in Varosfalva have
    landscaped and turned into a central green space for all ages to enjoy.
  39. Varosfalva

    Volunteers work on landscaping.
  40. Varosfalva

    The green space takes shape.
  41. Varosfalva

    Volunteers prepare the site.
  42. Civitas

    Civitas is working with 25 youth from 5 villages, who will be partnered with
    local development agents (LDA's) to undertake small community projects.
  43. Civitas

    The young people are being trained to design and lead projects in their
    communities, with support of the LDA network.
  44. Civitas

    Civitas conducts teambuilding and training exercises with the youth.